Louvered Panels, Floor Racks and Bench Racks for use with Akro-Mils hang and stack bins. Louvers allow bins to securely hang while keeping parts and supplies organized and out of the way. Wall-mount louvered panels keep parts up off the ground and free up floor space. Floor racks can be placed near work areas to improve productivity. Bench racks keep vital parts and supplies within reach.

Each is formed from 16-gauge cold-rolled steel for strength and durability. Durable powder-coated finish stands up to heavy-duty service.

Important Information About Akro Products

If you are interested in purchasing Akro products, please keep in mind that there is a minimum order requirement of $350. You must purchase a combined total of this amount or more in Akro products alone. If you make an order for less than this amount, we will not be able to fulfill your order.

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More Louvered Systems Coming Soon!

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